Interior Decoration Works (I.D Fit-Out Works)

Since 1974, our core business has been interior decoration works, having honed our workmanship over the years. We are proud to have exceptionally skilled carpentry craftsmen – some of whom possess over 30 years of experience – and very capable trained apprentices in our family. Together with two factories in Singapore and one in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we are well staffed and well equipped to provide reliable, first-rate interior decoration works.

Our projects span from creating entirely new spaces in new buildings and developments to restoring older existing ones to glory. Some of our fine interior works include:

Private Residences

Conservation & Heritage Buildings (restoration works)

Hotels Interiors

Private Clubs & Lounges | Residential ClubHouses | Country Clubs

Restaurants and retail franchise outlets

Corporate offices

Shopping malls

Construction Works (General Builders Works)

As constructors, we focus on fulfilling projects with an emphasis on quality and reliability in an efficient manner and a safe environment. We avoid potential problems and minimise wastage through careful planning, all without compromising on quality, and by utilising our years of building experience.

Our General Builders consist of Structural / Architectural / Services works for new and existing buildings include:

Private Landed Housing Developments

Conversation & Heritage Buildings

Religious Buildings

Commercial Buildings and Malls

ShowFlat and Show Suite Development

As one of the pioneers for showflat constructors since mid 2000, we are able to integrate both interior and construction skills to provide a total solution for developers of all industries.

From as early as acquisition of land, we work with developer and concept consultants to design and build show flat building carcass in double quick time. During showsuite development, we highlight and overcome any technical details on the ground at the early stage, in preparation for the actual building construction works.

Our premium workmanship sets the benchmark in quality standards for both sales and actual development.

Planning (Project Team)

Sound planning is the key to all successful projects. From defining micro and critical tasks to choosing technology and resources, to setting task durations, our highly skilled project teams possess the logistical expertise to ensure that planning, coordination and execution comes together harmoniously across all levels.

Our teams have been trained to respond to different situations so any problem will be expertly resolved. We work towards delivering projects on schedule with utmost efficiency, reliability, and quality.

As a BizSafeStar and OSHAS registered company, we have strict site management policies in place for the safety and well being of our workforce on the ground.

Design Management (Design Team)

Our dedicated design team & service engineers engage closely with our clients beginning from the initial design concept stage. We can identify issues quickly during design development to minimise errors in the construction stage, and we help you utilise resources in the most effective manner to meet project objectives efficiently.

With years of experience in both construction and interior projects, our design team is able to integrate all the elements of construction for a successful, cohesive project.

Our team will constantly monitor and manage the quality of works on the ground itself during construction. We can work together with clients to develop live mock ups on-site if need be to see if there is room for any ad-hoc improvements to the design.

Procurement (Contracts Team)

Our contracts team is exceptional at selecting reliable sources and developing effective supply chains that add value and minimise wastage. This includes:

  • development of procurement schedules for all material, equipment and outsourced subcontract services
  • meticulous evaluation of each supplier/subcontractor’s ability to comply with both project specifications and schedule demands
  • coordinating vendor and material inspections in conjunction with the Site Construction Manager

Our Contracts team is also very experienced in giving advice regarding contracts. We assist our clients with the various stipulations of different forms of contracts, i.e. Design and Build, Negotiation, and Tender. We understand greatly the need to work towards contracts with positive outcomes for all parties involved.